The Gather Inn, Bar & Kitchen with Guest Rooms | Call 01273 413402

Holiday Opening Hours

Date                                               Bar Opening Hours               Kitchen Opening Hours
Monday 23rd December                8am-10pm                             12-3pm / 5pm-9pm
Tuesday 24th December               8am-10pm                             12-9pm
Wednesday 25th December          CLOSED                               CLOSED
Thursday 26th December              9am-7pm      (no quiz)           12pm-6pm
Friday 27th December                   12pm-10pm                           12pm-9pm
Saturday 28th December               12pm-10pm                           12pm-9pm
Sunday 29th December                 12pm-10pm                           12pm-8pm
Monday 30th December                 12pm-8pm                             12pm-7pm
Tuesday 31st December                12pm-10pm                           12pm-9pm
Wednesday 1st January                 12pm-7pm                             11am-6pm
Thursday 2nd January                    12pm-8pm      (no quiz)         12pm-7pm
Friday 3rd January                          12pm-10pm                           12pm-9pm
Saturday 4th January                      12pm-11pm                           12pm-10pm
Sunday 5th January                        12pm-8pm                             12pm-7pm
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